Podili Mandal

Podili is a Town and a [Subdivisions of Indian Mandal] in Prakasam district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Before British Rule its name was Prudhulapuri, meaning Head Quarters of the Universe, there is Purana reference to this related to Prudhu Chakravarthi.

In Podili a new area Viswanadha Puram was established by Viswa Natha Sarma who worked as a hereditary karanam of the area. During his period he encouraged the people to settle in Viswanadhapuram.(now called as v.n.puram).The people of this area established a statue in bus stand center for his work. The statue was recently renovated and reopened on ugadi 2010.

Podili was an assembly constancy until 1978 when it was abolished.

Now Podili rapidly expands with people coming from nearest villages such as Marripudi, Kuchipudi, Konakanamitla....

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